(Updated June 2020)

You must wear a mask to enter either of our clinics. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

We do have screening procedures that must be followed at both locations. There are some differences at each location.

Ocean Springs Screening Procedures

  • Patients and visitors must wear a mask to enter the building. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • To remain in the building everyone must be pre-screened.
  • Only one person essential to assist with a patient’s mobility or communication with the healthcare personnel will be allowed to stay with the patient. All other visitors will have to wait outside.

  • Pre-Screening Procedure – Primarily done by front desk staff.
    • Temperature check – Must be under 100.4 – If not, the nurse will be notified.
    • Screening Questions
      • Have you had the COVID-19 virus?
      • Have you been exposed to someone known to be infected?
      • Have you traveled to a potentially contaminated location OR traveled out of state?
      • Have you been around anyone that this would apply?
      • Do you have or recently had any of the following flu-like symptoms (shortness of breath, coughing, fever, headache, or sore throat)?
      • Have you been around anyone that has flu-like symptoms?
    • If anyone answers yes to the above screening questions or has a temperature above 100.4, a nurse/physician will determine if you can be seen or if you need to be referred to the SRHS Hotline 809.5044.
    • Arrangements will be made to schedule a Telehealth visit within 24 hours if you are not seen.

Resources for our Patients Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19):